Ready to host your own PB&J Party? Follow these steps and you too can become Mrs. PBJ today!

1. Find a donated/free venue. (I.E. Church, Schools, Homes).

2. Prior to the purchase of any kits, you must collect all of the vendor fees from the minimum required amount per desired package. Our company wants you to be an entrepreneur without coming out of your pocket, the vendors are your investors! These fees are non-refundable.

3. After collecting your vendor’s fee, 20% of the vendor’s fee is due to PB&J Party. Based on the ($100) model. ¬†Please pay this portion by selecting pay 20% on vendor’s fee page. From this point, you have enough to purchase your kit, spend a small amount in party rentals (if needed), and a profit!

4. Purchase your kit, then Party!

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